World of Warcraft Free Game Time for Lowbies

Ola Gnomeregan! My forever newbie World of Warcraft characters are back! And it’s free! Thanks to my friend/officemate/seatmate/kumareng GoshLiz for the good news. My 6-year old Wow account is sort of alive.

World of Warcraft or WoW is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment in 2004. Just last month, they released a patch that allows inactive accounts  to log in to the game with few restrictions. Only characters level 20 and below can be accessed for accounts with no game time left. For people like me who can’t allot a couple of hours to play and can only afford occasional peek ingame, this update is a treat. I can now try different characters during those fortunate times that my little one is asleep. And the best part, I don’t have to shell out around $15. Sweeet! 

I bought this account online way back November 2008 on a Black Friday sale. I am no World of Warcraft fan, as proven by my character levels. I remember purchasing one so my friend could have a free mount with their refer a friend program. And it was a good deal. I hardly had time playing it though. Back then, I was working as a Game Master supervisor for a local game publishing company. I had to focus on our own online games. But I have to admit, no one comes close to WoW in terms of game play, support, and updates. Many games have tried..  and died. Ours included.

On a personal note…

Although I have lost commitment to online games, I still miss those sleepless nights I have devoted to grinding, farming, quests and guild wars. I remember my friends calling me “cyber housemate” because I prefer to lock myself in my room and play online games. They can only get me to talk to them if the internet is down. In 2010, I spent Christmas Eve alone in our apartment playing this WoW account, with two bottles of Tanduay Ice and a plate of potato wedges. Yeah, that’s just sad. Loneliest Christmas of my life. Nevertheless, I’m still glad to have been part of the gaming community. Luckily, I got warped to another level. With a full time job, and a family to take care of, the game is indeed over.

My “saksakan ng noob” characters below ^_^


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