Walk With You by Ringo Starr

When the road dances, there’s always this one song that takes me back on track. Not necessarily a mushy piece, but just enough to clear my thoughts and get my shit together. 

Walk With You is Ringo Starr’s contribution in the 4-track Beatles EP 4: John Paul George Ringo released by iTunes last year. With further research, I found out that it has been around since 2010 from his album Y NOT.

Ringo is no John nor Paul, so don’t expect exemplary vocals. I can hear my husband saying “He’s one of the Beatles, even the worst song in the world would sound acceptable if rendered by any of them.”

Nevertheless, I still adore this song. In the midst of the “usual” emotional distress, the lyrics remind me just right… “Everything will be fine”. *crossing fingers*

PS: Clicking the play button will open the web-based Spotify. However, the link won’t work when you’re on incognito. Try using the regular Chrome window. If you’re on mobile, it should open the Spotify app installed on your phone. If you do not have Spotify, YOU SHOULD GET ONE! :)

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