Kamogawa Boxing Gym Hoodie

Some manga and anime merchandise can be difficult to acquire. Local establishments offer limited stuff. Either you order online (which we find extremely expensive for us) or you have it customized. We chose the latter. With good deals, it’s a lot cheaper.

We both like Hajime no Ippo. A manga-anime about a young boxer named Ippo Makunouchi from Kamogawa Boxing Gym. We’ve been thinking of getting a KBG shirt for a while now. Luckily, an office mate owns a printing business called Shoopboox Printing and offered their pullovers. They’re really comfy and of good quality. You can view their color selections here.  They only offer men’s sizes for now but I think the smallest available hoodie would fit a medium-sized female.

So I looked for a simple text design and sent it to them to do the works. Husband is thrilled with the outcome. Neat and quality print. Loved the hoodie’s inner fabric as well. I want one toooo!




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