Fruitcake: The Book

I have been searching for this book since my early college days but failed to get a copy. After years of trying (and wishful thinking), my husband gave me copy for our anniversary last August 2014. Yep, the best gift ever. But with mommy-wifey duties, and tons of office work, finishing this book is almost impossible. Thanks to my two-week holiday vacation and I’m finally done. So here’s a little something about the book…

Fruitcake is a whimsical Christmas tale created by the Eraserheads published in 1997. It’s about a little girl named Frannie Wei who ran away from home on Christmas eve with her dog, Shadow. She met the Carol Kings along the way and they took her to Fruitcake Heights, where the world owes their fruitcake supplies. Frannie Wei’s adventures are far from the ordinary. She won the town’s annual Trip to Jerusalem and met peculiar people like Bobo the Wiseman, Lord of the Rhum, the Fabulous Baker Boy, the Skids Kids, the mean XMASCOM and Santa himself!

If there is one thing I love about Fruitcake, it’s the link between the book and the album. The songs finally made sense! Being familiar with the Eraserheads allows the reader to visualize the characters of Henry, Spanky, Blemon and Sur (The Carol Kings). Sur is so Marcus!

Although I’m a fan, I still find the book less genius than their songs. The puns are fun and witty, but the story failed to deliver a catchy twist. Corny? A tinge. It could have been better. But same goes for other story books, right? The Fab4 still managed to give the story a warm ending, like a hot coffee and leftover fruitcakes in a Christmas morning.

Frannie Wei and the rest of the Fruitcake Heights people will always be dear to me and I’m looking forward to read their story to our Luthien very soon.

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