Why I Quit Using Cloth Diapers

I am now officially a cloth diaper drop out. After months of staring at my starter stash of cloth diapers, I’ve finally decided to give them all away. Yeah, I guess I’m not coming back. This may not be good news for advocates of fluffy bottoms, but it’s a move that will benefit all of us, most especially our little one.

Even before our daughter was born, I spent so much time researching about cloth diapers. I fell in love them! Even my husband thought it was a good idea. I gradually built my stash. Our daughter started wearing them when she was 1 month old up until her 11th month. There was a time when our daughter and her cousin would share just 20 of them. We survived months of not buying a single disposable diaper for two babies. No need to do the math, cloth diapers saved our ass from the costly sposies.

Cloth diapers are well loved for the following reasons:

  • Greener alternative. No chemicals. Less landfill contribution. Lots of love to Mother Nature.
  • Big Savings. Cloth diapers are cheaper compared to disposables.
  • Cute designs. Oh no one can argue. Cloth diapers are way adorable than the boring disposables.

So, why did I quit?

As much as I wanted to keep things the way they are, my husband and I realized that cloth diapers are just not for us. My dear Cloth Diapers, it’s not you. It’s me.

Daughter developed rashes from some of our cloth diaper linings. Not sure if it’s ammonia burn or caused by the weather. The plain sight of rashes to her bottoms was an immediate sign that we should quit. I already tried strip cleaning them. We used Tide Original regularly to make sure there were no residues that can cause ammonia burn. I did not bother buying new ones because it defeats the purpose of saving money.

I don’t have the luxury to enjoy my CD laundry. I work full time and my work load is often heavier than our week worth of clothes. When I get home, I would rather watch nursery rhymes in Youtube with my little one than waste an hour or two in the washing machine. I am forever thankful to my mom-in-law for looking after my baby and being the house manager on most days. Depending on her to do the diaper laundry is quite abashing.

With my whole heart, I committed to cloth diapering hence it was difficult to quit. Not because I cannot let go of the cute prints. With all the money and effort I spent with cloth diapers, I felt it was a personal failure if I stop. But then, my commitment to make things easier for all of us is more important. As a result, we ate the cost of disposables… but it was liberating!

Sorry Piggy Banky, no more penny savings for you. Sorry Mother Nature and fellow CD enthusiasts, I’m no Earth mama. I am now guilty of dumping plastics on landfills that will only deteriorate after a hundred years. Judge me, it’s fine. But I’m just a struggling working mom who wants what’s best for her home. I suppose that what makes a good mother after all.


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