We Say “Brainsss…”

It’s the time of the year when all of us in the office are ‘moving mountains’ to get things done. After months of software development, we are now in the rigorous testing phase. For us Product Managers and scrum masters, it’s the ultimate DND (Do Not ever ever Disturb!) time. Product Devs are cramming to commit their codes, and scratching heads when a bug comes up. But what about Halloween?! Clearly, we don’t have time for that. What’s scary for us is to not meet the release deadline. But we didn’t want to be the Grinch of Halloween. So with a little initiative and very limited time to spend, we came up with floor decors a day before kids are scheduled to ruin them (kidding).  

Tadaaa… It’s those cute pea shooters and starving-looking zombies! Plants vs Zombies are always a hit (and besides, artificial cobwebs are annoying to clean). This theme has been done before in our previous office. Instead of pea shooters made of cartolinas, we decided to go with boards and paints.

Ingredients for a PvZ Halloween: 

1. Illustration boards, poster paints, brush, scissors, colored papers, barbecue sticks, paper clips, yarn and lots of scotch tapes
2. Talented guys to do the drawing
3. Patient people to cut the boards while discussing pending bugs in the UAT server
4. Tall guys to install the sun pops
5. Runners to collect money, buy stuff in National Bookstore, and clean decors afterwards (that would be me and some friends who had no choice haha)

Too bad I missed the party. Other office floors offered really spooky decors and ours is tad too cute to scare them. But according to some officemates, there are kids who opted to stay on our floor because they love PvZ. And when I came back after my leave, our zombie boards are gone! The kids took them home haha! Glad to know they loved them as much as we do.


Photo dump below:











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