About Us

Rudeboy and Atari met in school in 1998. After years of sharing beer, coffee, and ciggies, they got tired of pretending to be just friends and ended up exchanging I Do’s in the winter solstice of 2012. Now as permanent housemates, they have ventured into something crazy beautiful called parenthood. As newbie parents, they can hardly go out for beer but they still share a cup of warm coffee every day. Their pocket of sunshine named Lúthien is just like caffeine, keeps them awake all night and up early morning for work.

Rudeboi is from Makati, Philippines. His interests range from hi-fi music, computer games, and quantum mechanics of time travel. He’s the number one fan of Atari’s Adobo recipe. He endured a year of (painful) taste tests before it was perfected. And he hates heights.

Atari is from Tarlac City, Philippines. Just like everyone else, her first ambition in life was to be an astronaut. But since her math skills aren’t strong enough, she settled for a less dangerous but equally fun work somewhere in Makati. She would still love to have a NASA coffee mug though.

This blog is where they chronicle their daily what-not’s – baby 101, dad vs mom in parenting, coffee tales, cool finds, and caffeinated thoughts. They’re not crafty and fashionable. They are neither chefs and photographers so yeah, read at your own risk.