Cheesy Pimiento Butter Spread

Pandesal has been our default breakfast especially on weekends. To support my family’s unconditional love for butter spreads, here’s simple recipe shared to us by our friend.

1 whole Dari Crème (225 grams)
1 small can of Alaska Evaporated Filled Milk (154 mL)
1 can of pimiento, chopped finely
1 Eden cheese (grated)
Salt to taste

1. Soften Dari Crème margarine.
2. Mix margarine, milk, cheese and salt to taste. Mix until creamy.
3. Stir in chopped pimiento.
4. Place in a spread container.
5. Chill.


Butter or margarine?
I tried butter compound for this recipe and it didn’t turn out right. The mixture became watery after a few days in the chiller so I switched back to Dari Creme margarine instead.

Pimiento Brands
There are few canned pimiento brands available in local groceries. There’s Jolly, Capri and Molinera. I prefer Molinera since the pimiento are of better quality. The amount of pimiento that you can use depends on how strong you want the pimiento taste to be. I prefer putting the whole big can!

Best to keep the spread in the chiller. It will last more than a week.

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