Chocolate Lovers in Cubao

Chocolate Lovers is the ultimate haven for baking enthusiasts. You can find almost all your baking needs in this place. Chocolates, syrups, flour, sugar, baking pans, chocolate molds, cupcake liners, name it, they have it!

Here’s how to get there by commuting:

  1. Go to EDSA, MRT Araneta Cubao station
  2. Cross EDSA via the overpass (opposite Farmer’s Plaza).
  3. Look for orange-colored tricycles (near of Dunkin Donuts) and ask manong driver to bring you to Chocolate Lovers. Fare is around P18 with or without companion.
  4. If you see a huge castle to your right, you’re not lost.

45 P. Tuazon Blvd. corner
C. Benitez St. Cubao
Quezon City,Philippines 1109

Tel. Numbers:

Store Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sundays 9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Note: According to one of their staff, they don’t provide a price list as prices may change anytime. Her’es a photo dump. Hope you find what you’re looking for :)

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 01

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 02

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 02a

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 08

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 03

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 04

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 05

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 07

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 09

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 10

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 14

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 11

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 12

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 13

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 16

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 15

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 14a

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 17

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 19

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 18

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 21

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 22

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 23

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 25

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 26

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 27

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 28

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 34

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 35

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 33

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 38

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 36

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 29

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 30

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 31

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 32

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 20

Chocolate Lovers Cubao by ataricoffee 24


1999: A Love Story

This is a true to life story of everyone.

Around eighteen years ago, a boy and a girl met in college. They were in their teens.

She thinks he talks like Hua  Zi Lei. He thinks she looks like an anime.

Early part of 1999, they became fond of each other. Sharing their mushiest favorite tunes, one on one beer challenge, or simply staying late in the gutters of Maganda Street.

One rainy night, boy and girl was walking in an overpass in Altura. Before they could reach the bottom of the stairs, girl slipped a couple of steps down. Boy caught her hand. Too late. Dirt and mud was all over her back. To her horror, she saw people on the street staring at her. Boy covered her face with a notebook and they continued walking. He said it’s the last thing they can save.

It was the end of school year. Boy walked girl to the bus station. She’s going back to the province for summer vacation. In front of the bus stairs, boy was thinking of kissing her, expecting a slap in return. But before he could make a move, girl gave him a quick kiss… in the neck! Girl was thinking of the same thing, but hesitated last minute thus landing her kiss somewhere below his jaw.

Girl and boy spent their summer break waiting for the postman. Both aren’t well-off to have beepers. Good ol’ snail mail was their only communication. Primitive yet sweet. But this was ages ago.

On their second year, the inevitable happened. They didn’t become a couple, sorry. Boy reunited with his then girlfriend. Girl eventually went out with someone else. Whatever it was, it stopped.

They couldn’t trust their youth and they could not afford to lose each other. They stayed as friends, because friends don’t break up. They can bump into each other and chat the same way. But friendship seemed a difficult word for two people who couldn’t look each other in the eye for years. Still, they got by.

Their circle of friends were mum about it.  Not a word from any of them. No one dared to probe. Silently, they watched things unfold, and fold.

As they grow older, boy would still think of the girl. Never his ex, but someone who has always been dear to him. While the girl, she has considered him his favorite friend. Separately, they still look up to the twin stars they were gazing at in 1999. Although the star necklace he gave her was swollen by a black hole, they never really forgot each other.

She never forgot his birthday.

He never forgot her favorite songs.

She never forgot the way he walks.

He never forgot how much her bus fare was in 1999.

He used to be her Pacey (Dawson’s Creek, old stuff) and she was his biggest “what if”…


2008… or 2009?

Boy and girl remained good friends. For more than a decade, they watched each other fall in and out of love to different people. They became housemates. He’d spend Christmas with her when she’s alone. She’d make him coffee. He’d invite her for some beer. She’d have serious conversation with him about the games they play. She was, after all, coined as their cyber housemate.

Boy would criticize girl for being single. Girl would hate him for that. He’d invite girl’s ex to come over. Girl almost killed boy. Girl became a friend to boy’s girlfriends. One even asked her to be a bridesmaid when they get married. Girl was boy’s favorite third wheel and he is someone she can never say No to.

Then Boy moved out. Girl stayed.

2011… the coast was clear

In July 2011, boy invited girl to get an NSO ID. While waiting for their lunch, they heard a familiar song. It’s not exactly their song, but it’s the girl’s favorite which boy mockingly sang when they were in college. As the song played, boy had a sudden interest in his shoes, and girl stared at the ceiling. Awkward? Yes.

They’d meet every week after that. Coffee, beer, movies and food.

Boy txted girl “date tayo ulit”. Girl couldn’t breathe. She replied “putol yung txt” pretending she didn’t get it. Boy thought she wasn’t ready. Maybe he’s wrong.

In one of their txt exchange, girl rants to boy. Her folks wanted her to go abroad. Boy suggests “mag-asawa ka na kasi”. It was like a movie, boy’s face flashed in her mind, but instead responded with “wala eh”. Boy was hoping she’d say “ikaw na lang”.

Late August that year, boy invited girl for a South Luzon trip. Of course, they ended up in their favorite place, Baguio.

Before returning to Manila, boy asked girl to visit her folks. It was a vehement NO. Girl could not tell boy that the next guy she brings to her parents’ house should be the last. Waiving her self-promise, girl gave in and they dropped by. Girl introduced boy as a friend, because he is.

It was odd but it happened. Girl’s mother was cleaning some stuff. She handed girl an old rusty biscuit box. In it were few old photos and class cards. Wrapped in something else, girl found a small portrait of hers and a bunch of letters from 1999. May snail mail pa! These are stuff girl didn’t know she kept for more than a decade. Letters and stuff boy gave him in college.

On their last day, boy told girl, “Pagbalik natin ng Manila, kapag nagreply ka sakin, o txt , or any form of contact, tayo na”. 

When girl reached her apartment, guy txted “Bahay ka na ba?”. It took her a few minutes to respond. This is a trap, she thought. But she willingly dived into it and said “Oo”. Boy replied “Congrats, hindi ka na single”.


Now here are things they didn’t know about each other. Let’s go back to 2008… or 2009?

When girl and boy were housemates, girl would stock on biscuits and chips for the weekends. For a girl without a visible love life, who works in the gaming industry, weekends are sacred for MMORPGs. It was customary for her to lock herself in the room, no lunch, just her usual stash of sweets. Boy, who’s in the next room, would pretend to borrow a lighter to see her. But that only works for a few minutes. Next thing he did, he ate up all of girl’s stash whenever she’s away so he can invite her out for lunch on Saturdays.

One Saturday night, boy asked girl if she wanted to drink. Girl said yes. Boy was planning to let her know how he feels. When the beer came, girl got a couple of bottles, locked herself in her room and went back to gaming.

One time, boy came home in blue polo shirt. Girl stared. He looked good. Girl turned her back and slapped herself. Not again, not ever, she told herself.

When boy was about to move out, girl wanted to stop him. But she couldn’t find the right reasons to make him stay. That’s due for another self-inflicted slap. Instead, she helped him bring his stuff to the place she didn’t want him to be at. What girl didn’t know, boy felt he was given away.


Back to 2011…

Three days after being official, boy kind of proposed. It was over Gtalk. Yes, over chat. No kneeling, no effing ring. Just plain “Pakasal na tayo” and girl replied with a short “Ok”. This may not be the marriage proposal girls usually dream of, and probably the least romantic of all. But for them, it was just a gun start to begin a life-long journey.

The moment they took their NSO ID together, they knew they’ll be inseparable.

Nanyang Kopi by Toast Box

We had a quick lunch at Toast Box last week. I ordered Kaya Cream Cheese Toast set. This isn’t my ideal lunch but it comes with coffee and 2 soft boiled eggs, two of my favorite things, so I gave it a go. Although the toast was a complete disappointment, their Nanyang Kopi is still a must-try. It doesn’t look fancy, no froths and what-not, but its rich and balanced taste is pure heaven.

Cheesy Pimiento Butter Spread

Pandesal has been our default breakfast especially on weekends. To support my family’s unconditional love for butter spreads, here’s simple recipe shared to us by our friend.

1 whole Dari Crème (225 grams)
1 small can of Alaska Evaporated Filled Milk (154 mL)
1 can of pimiento, chopped finely
1 Eden cheese (grated)
Salt to taste

1. Soften Dari Crème margarine.
2. Mix margarine, milk, cheese and salt to taste. Mix until creamy.
3. Stir in chopped pimiento.
4. Place in a spread container.
5. Chill.

Butter or margarine?
I tried butter compound for this recipe and it didn’t turn out right. The mixture became watery after a few days in the chiller so I switched back to Dari Creme margarine instead.

Pimiento Brands
There are few canned pimiento brands available in local groceries. There’s Jolly, Capri and Molinera. I prefer Molinera since the pimiento are of better quality. The amount of pimiento that you can use depends on how strong you want the pimiento taste to be. I prefer putting the whole big can!

Best to keep the spread in the chiller. It will last more than a week.

Kape Mocha by Kamuning Bakery Café

I’ve had hundreds of mocaccino in my life but the best I had so far is Kamuning Bakery’s Kape Mocha. The taste does not deviate much with the usual chocolaty taste in coffee. But the inch difference from your usual lattes will make you go back for another cup. (And while you’re there, never miss their Chicken Sisig Pasta, yum! )

Kamuning Bakery Cafe's Kape Mocha
Kamuning Bakery Cafe’s Kape Mocha and Sansrival cake

Kamuning Bakery Cafe is located at Judge Jimenez St. corner K-1st street, Kamuning, Quezon City.

Wonderbake Fairview Terraces

I started baking simple bread and cookies late last year. So far, I find the hobby satisfying and enjoyable. Aside from rampaging in the kitchen, the next best thing is window shopping for baking supplies.

A few weeks ago, we dropped by Fairview Terraces Mall in Fairview, Quezon City and found Wonderbake, an awesome store for baking supplies. So happy to find an affordable cooling rack, and the hard-to-find Polenta corn meal that I can’t find in Landmark, Rustans and SM groceries.

I won’t say much about the place. The photo dump below will show how cool this place is *wink*


















Baguio Birthday Bash

If there’s one place that my husband and I love the most, it’s Baguio City. We’ve been teased by friends to try other places, saying nothing much has changed about Baguio since I was seven. It’s the same ol’ Burnham Park and Mine’s View. True. But – there’s something about this place that makes us go back every chance we have.

The last time we visited the place was 2012, days after our wedding. We decided to go back last December, this time tagging along our little one, his mom, sister and nephew. I call it our #BaguioBirthdayBash (since my daughter and I were celebrating our birthdays during our trip).

Tagging along little ones is ALWAYS difficult if you have to commute. The bus trip was painful for our daughter. She kept on throwing up on our way to Baguio. (Looks like she won’t be going back for a few years)

Here are few details about the trip. Hopefully, it can be of help if you’re going up north.

To maximize our funds for food and lakwatsa, we decided to get into a cheaper hotel. We couldn’t find Reyalta Inn along Engineer’s Hill, in front of NBI. We realized that it has been remodeled and now called Le Fern Hotel. We took the Violet room and availed extra beds to accommodate the 6 of us for 3 days and 2 two nights.

Here’s what I love about this place.
1. Location. The place is in proximity with Victory Liner, SM Baguio and other tourist spots in the city. You can easily get a cab in front of the hotel.
2. Convenience. Breakfast is served at the bar, a floor below our room. And there’s a convenience store downstairs open till 11 PM.
3. Excellent Service. The staffs are courteous and very accommodating. Very friendly bunch.

Things I didn’t like:
1. The stairs are too high. Going up and down carrying my biik of a daughter is painful!
2. The sheets seem outdated. They look a little old and shabby.
3. The bathroom has no exhaust fan and there’s a leak in the unit that we had.
4. The room has no aircon. It was December when we stayed so it was manageable. Not sure if it’ll be as comfy if you stay during the summer.

This is Luthien's proxy cake for her birthday
This is Luthien’s proxy ‘cake’ for her birthday


We were able to try new must-eats during our short stay. Note: Not much photos. It’s hard to get decent shots when you dine with a toddler.

Café by the Ruins. The ambiance is above average – quaint and cozy. Their chocolate shake was okay, but it seemed a little too strong for kids. I enjoyed watching how our siphon coffee was prepared. Their bread selection is awesome. The warm ensaymada was perfect for the coffee.


Rancho Norte. Admittedly, I was eyeing on Canto’s ribs for lunch but the lines are unbearable so we decided to dine in Rancho Norte. It’s one of the four restos in the Ketchup Food community near Wright Park. I can’t believe that I can’t remember what we had. Boo!


Hill Station. I’ve been reading about their Death by Chocolate dessert and it’s the only reason I wanted to check out the place. I wasn’t disappointed, but neither surprised. It tasted almost the same as Linguini Fini’s Hot Chocolate Affogato. I thought I was up for something new. But their Irish coffee was good. It was my first time to have one. Nevertheless, the intimate ambiance was perfect for our birthday date.

Birthday date at Hill’s Station


Pizza Volante. This is one of our favorite spots in Baguio. Go here for their signature apple pie. However this time, some of the meals we ordered are not appealing to kids so we had to get another set. Lesson learned: go to Jollibee if you’re with kids who are picky eaters *sighhh*.

Pizza Volante's famous Apple Pie
Pizza Volante’s famous Apple Pie


18BC Music Lounge. This is our go-to bar whenever we’re in Baguio. It reminds me of the night life in Tarlac when I was younger – simple but a lot of fun. Food and drinks are affordable, and the bands are really good. What I like about bands outside Metro Manila, they play for guests to enjoy, and not the other way around.

At 18BC (sorry, very lousy photo of the place, but the food is cheap, see!)
At 18BC (sorry, very lousy photo of the place, but the food is cheap, see!)


The regular go-to spots…
It’s obligatory to visit the usual tourist spots in the city when travelling with the family. This trip is not a honeymoon hence we obliged.

On our first day, we went to Burnham Park to go biking. The place is crowded since it’s a Saturday. Bike rental goes from 80-100 bucks. It’s nice to see Baguio City’s tourism still appealing to Filipinos.

Next is Panagbenga Park. We’re hoping to see the butterfly sanctuary since our daughter loves them. To our dismay, the place looked rundown and unmaintained. The butterfly sanctuary is closed and we couldn’t find any.

Inside the Butterly Sanctuary with NO butterflies :(
Inside the Butterfly Sanctuary with NO butterflies :(


We headed to Mine’s view after. There’s a lot to do in this place. You can go shopping for souvenirs and silvers, or wear full Cordillera regalia. We opted to have a picture with one of the Saint Bernard dogs in scarves for P50. The view of the Cordillera Mountains is as magnificent as before. There are binoculars for rent for 10 bucks.

Mine’s View Park near the gazebo
One of Mine’s View Park’s famous Saint Bernard dogs


We dropped by Good Shepherd convent for our Alfajor and Strawberry Jam. Too bad they’re out of strawberry jams for almost three months during our visit so I decided to get Ube Jam for P200 per regular jar and a tub of Alfajor for around P 140-160. Move away from the usual Peanut Brittle pasalubong. Alfajor cookies are heavenly buttery shortbread filled with caramel. Best eaten when chilled.

Alfajor cookies!
Alfajor cookies!


Our daughter’s favorite part was the horse ride in Wright Park. The 30-minute horse rental cost us P220, but her reaction and sheer joy was priceless! She didn’t even want to get off. I was hesitant to let her, but we just can’t make her miss such an experience.

Luthien with her Lola Mommy at Wright Park
Luthien with her Lola Mommy at Wright Park


On our last day, we visited Baguio Market for some vegetables, fresh strawberries and local ground coffee. We bought a kilo of Arabica Sagada medium roast for P300 a kilo at Kape Umali. It wasn’t bad. Next time we visit, I’ll make sure to bring home more.

Strawberries at the Baguio Market
Strawberries at the Baguio Market


Going home…
Taking the bus isn’t a problem, if you’ve planned well. Sadly, on our case, we didn’t. We spent around 4 hours at the Victory Liner bus station. I spent more than an hour lining up just to get tickets alone, and another few hours waiting for the bus assigned to us. Here’s an important tip, when travelling during peak season, secure bus tickets few days before you decide to go home. Better yet, buy your tickets for departure as soon as you arrive in the city. And try not to get late afternoon trip during the December holidays. It scared the hell out of me when descending the mountains. It was zero visibility! The kid’s safety is always a cause for worry.

Overall, the trip was a memorable experience. It was a secret wish of mine to spend my birthday in Baguio. Although it wasn’t entirely relaxing, it leaves new happy memories for our young family.

Siphon Coffee from Café by the Ruins

A Siphon coffee is brewed using two “glass balloon”. The upper tank is where you put your coffee grounds. The lower coffee pot is filled with water. These are connected with a tube and separated by a filter. When heat is applied on the lower pot, vapor pressure pushes water to the top tank, mixing with your ground coffee. When temperature is decreased, water goes down to the lower pot. Ready to serve.

It was my first time to see how a siphon coffee maker or vacpot works. Simply fascinating!

Siphon Coffee set up
Siphon Coffee set up


Siphon Coffee served with hard sugar to sweeten your brew



Dropping the Drip, Hello French Press!

Tadaaa! Our new French Press!

After more than a couple of drip coffee makers, we decided to get this one this time. Got it from SM Store for around P350.

Cafetière Love!

Here’s a quick know-how:

  1. Boil water and let it sit for 30 seconds.
  2. Put ground coffee.
  3. Pour half of the hot water.
  4. Allow 30 seconds then stir a little.
  5. Add remaining water and cover with the plunger. Let it steep for 4 minutes.

I hardly follow most of the instructions, which irks my husband, but I still end up with a fine brew ;)

WP Idle Days

Been testing WordPress plugins for a few days now, and I came across an image slider called TwentyTwenty. It shows before and after photos or any related images with an interactive slider that you can drag from one image to another. Click here for a helpful installation guide.

Love it with Jason’s watercolor art of Luthien.